Well, this past week was spring break for us. Unfortunately, we were unable to take a vacation this year, but it was still a very busy week! To start it off, Harlee had her gymnastics state finals in Madison, IN. Harlee, my mom and I left Friday afternoon and drove down and spent the night. Open stretch started at 8:00am. Eric, my dad, Cody and my cousin Brittany drove down Saturday morning. Harlee started on bars (as we all know, her WORST event) and she did a pretty good routine. Her score came up a 9.275. Well, she knew that positioned her for the gold in all around so she was very excited going into her second rotation - which was beam - her strongest event. Well, during timed warm-up, she kept missing her back-walkover. It got in her head a little, but by the end of timed warm-up, she had done one that looked good. So she goes up to compete and of all things, FALLS ON HER CARTWHEEL! Well, then she fell a 2nd time on her full turn (althought she did a BEAUTIFUL BACK-WALKOVER). With both falls being 5 tenths deduction, she only scored an 8.1 - which completely knocked her out of all around contention. Although this was the first time she'd ever fallen off the beam in a state competition, she held herself together rotating to her 3rd event - floor exercise. She did a beautiful routine and earned a 9.25. Finally, she rotated to vault and hit a pretty good vault for a 9.1. She placed 4th in the state on Floor and Bars, 6th in the state All Around and 8th in the state on Vault. It's funny, it was disappointing because she did not win a state championship. After winning a state championship in '06 and again in '08, it was a little disappointing. We joked that she can only be a state champion in even numbered years. :) She broke down in the car after lunch and cried for just a minute, but pulled it right back together. I am so proud her her! Lets be real - top 10 in the state, in and of itself, is pretty freakin' good!!

So, after the meet, the kids went with my parents while Eric and I drove down to just north of Louisville to look at a hot tub. We came back home and began to clear out the old hot tub and prepare the area for the new bigger and better hot tub. We are going to pick it up Sunday. Check back next week for pictures!!! Lucky for me, Eric is off work this week, so he's been able to do lots of stuff around the house! He installed the new dimmer switch in our bathroom for me!! YEAH!! So now when I get up in the morning, I can have a nice dim light until I get my marbles together and don't have to be blinded by the bright lights!! The kids got up early Wednesday morning and made my breakfast before I left for work! OK, folks - I leave at 6:30am for work - so that is saying something!!! So between my husband spoiling me with lights and hot tubs and my kids with breakfast - I am just loving life!! I just have the best family in the world!!

So next weekend is Cody's birthday - which actually falls on Easter Sunday this year. We are having his party with Stacy's son Jacob - who was born 2 days after Cody. We are going to Sports of All Sorts - they have the big moon bounces and bowling and all that jazz. Cody is so excited! Then the following weekend is the first gig at the lake! My first paying gig - can you say nervous??? :) So check back over the next couple of weeks for updates!

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