WOW!!! What a trip we had!! Eric was really sick when we left so after he saw the Dr. on Friday, we decided that I would take the kids and travel down to Perdido Key, FL and he would stay at home. The kids and I left on Friday and arrived there on Saturday afternoon where we met up with my parents. The condo was FABULOUS and I LOVED the balconies. The condo - as you can tell from the pictures - was shaped like a ship and so the balconies had concrete to about waist high. Cody could run in and out as he pleased and I never had to worry about him 'falling overboard'! It was so nice. Eric, after a couple days rest and LOTS of medicine, flew down to catch up with us Sunday evening. The kids were ELATED to have him with us finally! They never left his side until we all went to bed Sunday night. It was so cute!! We couldn't have asked for better weather this year too! It was beautiful, sunny and in the 80's every day!! This year, we took a dolphin cruise for the first time. We took a boat called the Southern Rose and it was BY FAR the highlight of the trip. I didn't think I'd be confortable with Cody, but it was FABULOUS! They put a life jacket on him the moment we boarded the boat and after I realized it was two stories, a nice air conditioned cabin upstairs and just all around conducive to my 3 year old I was much more relaxed. We went out into Perdido Bay and had the BEST time. It took about 1/2 hour to find a small pod of dolphins. The dolphins raced along side of the boat and jumped up out of the water. I was taking pictures from the upper deck with Harlee while Eric had Cody on the lower deck on the side the dolphins were racing on. Eric said you could reach out and touch them! He said every time they jumped up Cody just squealed with laughter! It was SO COOL I just can't even describe it. We tooled lightly around as well and even got the pleasure of seeing a mom with a baby. I even got a picture of that too, but you can't see the baby because it had just dunked down, but you can see mommy with the little wake from baby beside her. Towards the end of the cruise, Captain Chris invited the kids up to drive the boat. Harlee, of course, was the first to race in there. He let her drive for longer than I expected. Next, it was Shelby's turn. He, like always, just drank everything in. Captain Chris showed him how everything worked, inluding the depth reader and what the various markers met and how to pass through them. Then, he actually left his side and talked on the CB for a couple of minutes. He let Shelby take the boat almost all the way in. He didn't take back over until we got into the sand bar area! It was pretty awesome to say the least! All in all, we couldn't have asked for more from our vacation - except TIME!! :)