Harlee's Bio
Harlee was born on December 20, 1996.  I had been induced the day before due to complications.  I went through 20 hours of labor and an additional 45 minutes of pushing with her.  I had my husband, my parents, my in-laws, and my friend Liser (who videotaped it for us) there with me as well as a few nurses who came back after their shift.  (They said they couldn't wait to see the gender.)  She was born with coal black hair, coal black eyes, and an attitude.  The dad from the room next door stopped in the next day and asked, did you have a baby yesterday or just a party!!  He said I've never heard so much laughter and celebration!  Harlee did everything early.  By her first birthday, she was walking and talking quite well.  Spoiled rotten to the core, she has always been a "daddy's girl" and to this day has him wrapped around her little finger.  
I put Harlee in gymnastics when she was 3 years old because I thought it might be something she would enjoy and I felt she needed to have some little girl friends since she was only around boys at her babysitters'.  She immediatley took off and by her first recital it was apparant she had some promise as a gymnast.  Before she entered the pre-competitive program, she was a 4 year old in class with 2nd and 3rd graders.  She also learned the art of performing and LOVES being in front of an audience more than anything else! So we had little fear when Harlee was asked to be the flower girl at Eric's cousin's wedding.  She looked so beautiful in her dress, I decided to have her pictures done.  This picture below is my all time favorite picture of her. Harlee is such a joy.  She is constantly cracking jokes and making everyone laugh.  There are times she and I get to laughing so hard, our bellies hurt! :)

Harlee is breathtakingly beautiful as well.  Between her intelligence, georgeous gymnastics figure, beautiful facial features, and astronomically funny personality, I anxiously await to see the woman she will become!!   :)