Me and dad outside Cracker Barrel getting ready to take off on the first dayWell, to begin with, let me just say I have only uploaded a FRACTION of the pictures from our 2 week Colorado vacation. There were so many! I had such a hard time choosing which ones to upload. As most of you know, this trip was centered around my dad turning 60 years old this year. He wanted to ride up Pike's Peak again to commemorate the event. The day we left, mom took Tiffany & Courtney in her van. Eric took our kids in the truck with his motorcycle on the trailer. Dad and I in front of one of the dealerships we stopped at along the wayMy dad and I met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel before we headed out. It was actually pretty chilly that morning. By the time we reached Effingham, IL it had started to really warm up! Dad and I met so many wonderful people along the way. It's always a treat to meet other Harley riders and know where they're going and where they've been. Not to mention, it was really awesome to get to bond with my dad. We stopped and had lunch somewhere along the way. We ended up in Missouri somewhere to wrap up the day. We rode over 400 miles that first day. I'd never been on a trip like that before. I'd never broken 200 miles in an entire trip before - let alone over 400 on day one! My dad had told me to put a rolled up sleeping back on the back. Thank goodness I listened! I was able to put my feet up on the highway pegs and lean back on it to help with the butt! haha OK, enough talking for a minute - here are some additional road pics. Please hover over the pictures for a little caption of what they are of.

Courtney on her cell phone - gotta love girls!  :) Dad joking about how tired he was after the first day of riding. Mom's favorite part of vacation - Cody crawling in bed with her every morning to tell her a story.
My hubby trying to keep me warm! Courntey's ice cream was bigger than she was!  Harlee was waiting for it to fall over!  :) Eric on the open road
me riding down the mountain from the ranch Yeah!  Swimming!!! Harlee can never resist a handstand contest!