Judy and Eddie - Letitia's parentsMy parents, Eddie & Judy were married on February 27, 1966. They've been happily married for almost 40 years now! They had my brother in September of 1967 and I came along in September of 1971. One would think they enjoyed celebrating their New Year's with 2 September babies!! :) They are the proud grandparents of 5 - my brother's two girls, Tiffany-14 and Courtney-10 and my three, Shelby, Harlee & Cody. In their spare time, my mom loves to paint and ride her bike. My dad enjoys playing guitar and being a computer nerd. :) Don and Becky - Eric's parents Don and Becky, Eric's parents, married when Eric was young. They are the proud grandparents of 7 - Damon, Kelsey, Justin, Lanie, Shelby, Harlee & Cody. In their spare time they LOVE to camp and fish. They spend most of their weekends during the summer camping at various lakes in their very nice camper and taking their boat out fishing. In loving memory of Eric's mom - Pam Pam Vaughn was Eric's mother. She passed away exactly 1 month after Shelby was born. She and Eric's dad divorced early on in his childhood. Pam later married Jesse Vaughn and was very happy in the time before her passing. This is the last picture Eric has of her and he cherishes it with all of his heart. We love ALL of our parents very much. Without them, we would never be the people we are today. They have each influenced us in different ways. This page is dedicated, with much love, to them.